The Greatest Royal Rumble’s Best and worst part

The greatest royal hum is, certainly, the most cultural event. WWE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have united and organized a fashion show. The problem still exists – is it delivered? In this function we will check the best and worst in the program.

Maybe in a few years we will see different shows. We will understand that this is a long-term impact of such an event. However, for now, we will analyze the entertainment aspect of this incident.

1 Best: The stage and production

When WWE decides to hold the event, they will not cut corners. This stage seems worthy of hype. A long road makes it look like the greatest royal hum – a big problem. Even video packs are great.
WWE deserves special mention of fireworks. Fireworks illuminate the sky in the stadium, making the scene more than life. This feeling is close to WrestleMania.

1 Worst: No real title changes

The greatest Royal Rumble has seven championships. Only one of them saw that the new champion was crowned with success. This is the game of the empty championship RAW Tag Team. In some cases, other matches are almost similar to live matches and online titles.
2 Best: Braun Strowman’s crowning moment
Brown Strouman is a member of the Wyatt family. WWE recognizes its potential, and Struman uses every opportunity he receives. Nevertheless, he seems to have never had this moment to the greatest Royal boom. Yes, it can be a meaningless name in a larger plan, but we are proud of Strowman.

2 Worst: Easy to predict matches?

We already know that Wyatt and Hardy will win the RAW Tag Team championship. This is because their opponent The Bar is the superstar SmackDown Live. It is pointless for them to have a tournament with the word “RAW”.

3 Best: The Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match

The intercontinental ladder of the championship is undoubtedly the biggest game in Royal Rumbling. The Metropolises, Poirot of Finland, Metz and Samoa Joe come into play, and you have a classic recipe. Throw the stairs, and the excitement rises. This is a game, delivery and more!

3 Worst: The Kickoff Show

Look at him. Even a few and proud people like to fight on their sleeves. Speech, which lasts more than five hours, makes it impossible to sit back and enjoy. We sat in the starting show, because there was always one or two games to attract the crowd. We are all sad.

4 Best/worst: The Undertaker and his matches

The current state of the headquarters is certainly better than in the times of Roman rule. We just want to know if he should fight as soon as possible after the appearance of WrestleMania. Sometimes he kills his secret.

Do you think the Undertaker should name it? We think that he is quite decent in the game of Roussef. At the same time, it’s boring for us to fight in a meaningless game without heat.

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