5 Universal Championships Challengers for the greatest Royal Rumble

In WrestleMania 34 online wrestlers community believes that the guard will change. The new world champion will be crowned with the temporary ruler of the former champion of  Brock Lesnar  overcame this opportunity and won WrestleMania. Then this is the greatest royal rumble.Both fans and experts believe that this will be the stage for the new champion. But this is not so. At the end of the controversial game.

1.Braun Strowman

There’s no doubt that Braun Strowman deserves a shot from Brock Lesnar. In the past, he was short, but he never had such a motivation. In our opinion, fans are happy to announce him as the world champion. Strowman devalued the appearance, scale and confidence of Lensella.Can Strum become the General Champion of World Bank money or SummerSlam? Can he represent the future red brand? Only time will answer.What we know is the time of Braun Strowman. He was compared to the stupid teams of Nicholas, too long to get the highest bonus.

2.Seth Rollins

In the golden era, Intercontinental Championships will compete for the superstar of the World Cup. The crowd of Rauling next to him. He can be the most popular childish face on RAW. Unlike Reigns, if fans are watching Bruce Ness, the fans will cheer him up.
Rolly may not be as big as Brock Lesnar as Bobby Lashley, but people can count on using his technology to depreciate the Beast. Imagine if Rawlins really wanted to defeat Bruce Nell, then this is a popular concert. The applause will be deafening.With this headline change, the WWE will invest in a baby face that they can count on to stand out. Fans never accepted Roman rule, but, of course, they accept Seth Rollins as a reliable rival.

3.John Cena

Victory of the winner. John Senna did a short job for the legendary Triple H during the grand opening of the royal family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. One person believes that this will make it suitable for precious world championships owned by Brock Lesnar. The price against Lesnar is a 2005 or 2018 project.
Cena has a chance to break Rick Flair’s record and become the 17th champion, beating the avatar “Beast” and winning the World Championship. If he wins, like Lesnar, he can also become a part-time champion, and only be present when necessary.

4.Bobby Lashley

Although Bobby Lashley is an outstanding name in the world of independence and MMA, he again and again described a possible match between him and Brock Lesnar. Fans hope that they will be able to divide the line into an octagon or loop. The two bulls never had the opportunity to encounter. Of course, until now.
At this point Lesnar and Lashley are part of the RAW brand. They are very talented people who can bring the elements of the MMA world and make their games super realistic. They will become a reliable game.
At the same time, Lashley just returned, and it’s still too early for him to become a superstar, like Bloch Lisener. Therefore, we will choose other possible competitors to compete for the first place.

5.Roman Reigns

The only reason for the end of the greatest game of Royal Rumble should be the prolongation of hatred between Lesnar and Reigns. The best WWE players should be sure that Ryan will become the next world champion. He is one of the few who received positive or negative reactions from the WWE Universe.
In some ways, the Roman Empire also corresponds to the embodiment of the beast in terms of size and clean muscle tissue. While many fans may not necessarily buy it, Ryan looks set to work with The Beast. Perhaps, there is a rematch between the two players.

Anyway, we are convinced that if Ryan does not win the third ball with Lesnar, then at this stage of his career he is destined not to choose a champion. Therefore, we chose the other four competitors as a place for joint participation in the potential rival of the World Cup, Brock Lesnar.

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